Ladies Conference 2012


"My passion is to teach others...there is no greater text than God's Holy Word. It is my joy to be able to travel the globe teaching people how to take their Bible to teach others.".

About the Speaker - Mary Herman

Mary grew up in the central state of Oklahoma, the birth place of Chuck Norris, Carrie Underwood, Brad Pitt, John Denver, among many other recognizables and FYI more astronauts came from Oklahoma than any other US State! Growing up on a cattle ranch with two older brothers, their Mother was there school teacher in a one-room school until the 8th grade. Becoming a teacher herself, Mary taught children on an Air Force Base for six years. She then went on to teach at Baptist Bible College of Springfield Missouri for the next 31 years. Ten years ago she began her current missions journey and claims she is still only 39! Her early upbringing on a ranch may have influenced her love for gardening, sewing and quilting. However, her very favourite thing is cooking for at least 8-10 friends. There's nothing she enjoys more than
fellowshipping around the table with loved ones. A personal tradition she relishes on her travels is wetting her feet in new waters...literally! From the Mei Kong River to the
Dead Sea, from the mountain springs of the Alps to the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized, all the oceans and many major seas have enticed her to step in. However her greatest anticipation is her first step into heavenly waters! Never married but a proud Auntie of 2 nieces, 2 nephews, 4 great-nieces, 4 great-nephews and 1 greatgreat-nephew.

Mary says,"As you can see, we tend to keep things balanced, so there must be a great-greatniece added to the family."


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